Saturday, June 5, 2010

Catching up

It has been so long since I have posted that I almost didn't get logged in because I was using the wrong sign-in information. That is pretty bad. Memorial Day has just passed. I have a nice picture that many are going to think is drawn by our grandkids...but no, it is from Ian himself. I actually like it a lot and thought it was very appropriate since we honor our Vets on Memorial Day and Warren was a Vet.

We have been working hard in our "way back" to try to add some order to it and get more perennials established to cut down on some of the work. Is there really such a thing as less yard work if you have a yard?

Warren working in the Garden

Here are some Foxgloves (used to make digitalis which we have no intention of doing). I sure hope they do well because I think they are beautiful.

The Foxgloves-I hope they have good seeds

My portraiture class is challenging and fun. We have had some interesting assignments. One was to take a picture without someone's face showing--to take one of hands, feet, the back, but no faces looking into the camera. I went to Warren's office because I thought it would be fun to take a picture of his healing hands at work.

I thing Warren has nice hands and this girl was a real trooper

Another assignment was to take a picture using window light. Here is one of Warren and then the ones I submitted of Erynn.

I have always loved Warren's eyes

We had to do window lighting with half the face lit, the other side dark (phantom of opera look)
A 3/4 head tilt
And the subject facing the window

Whew, I am almost done catching up. This picture is the picture I used for the lesson three assignment. Notice the Fruit Loop in Reid's mouth.

Little Reid

Finally, this morning I wanted to try to take some pictures in manual mode and force my flash, so it would act as a fill light against the bright morning sun. I had just gotten out of bed and debated about taking photos of me with no make-up, and not having done anything to my hair except comb it. I didn't want to be too scary looking, but I wanted to take some pictures of me,too, since I have very little photos with me in them. I wouldn't even have enough to make me a birthday DVD. It was challenging to take a self timer picture, since my camera has to have a focal spot and there was no one to focus on when I hit the timer. I was the only one home besides Smidge and he certainly wouldn't stay put long enough for me to focus on. I finally got one of our stuffed animals, it was either Chip or Dale, I cannot remember which one has the red nose. I hung it on a plant hanger, focused on it, then sat down in front of it hoping my head would cover up the stuffed animal. I did it! I just had to clone the plant hanger which seemed to be coming out of my head. Then, I decided to try to get Smidge in the picture as well. I got several pictures after about an hour of figuring this out. I am positive Warren was glad he was out of town, or he would have had to help me for sure.

Rob and Smidge--he's not very excited about it all



Laurie said...

Well, I enjoyed your entry today. Smidge and Warren have been very gracious, haven't they?? Ha! I just had to note on here that Erynn's paint color in our old house was called "Purple Foxglove". And her walls looked just exactly like the color of your flowers! I'm probably the only person on the planet who can remember every paint color they've ever used....ha! I really can, though! Anyways, pretty flowers & the "fruit loop" picture of Reid is funny.

Love your blog. Always enjoy it :)

Jordan said...

Wow, you sure did catch up... you posted a great entry. It was long! I love the foxgloves. We have those in our yard too. Although ours are getting hot and aren't blooming near as pretty anymore. I wish you could come here and take pictures of our house and flower beds and things. We need the expert photographer to be at our house! Come visit, please!!! Thanksgiving?!?!

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