Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Winter wonderland...

"Even in winter an isolated patch of snow has a special quality." -Andy Goldsworthy

Brrrr!  Was it ever cold yesterday...19°.  It was snowing pretty hard early in the morning.  I wanted to get some photos of a windmill not far from my house.  What could be more beautiful than a windmill sitting in a field of snow?  I decided the dirt road leading up to it would be quite frozen, so I would not have to worry about getting stuck in the mud.  I just had to worry about the iced over streets.  I went debating whether I should tell someone where I was going just in case. I decided to chance it.  I had a cell phone after all.    Did I say how cold it was?  Gloves do not work well with camera equipment.  I have those modified kind with just half fingers, so I can operate my camera.  My fingers were pretty much frozen in 5 minutes time.  The rest of me followed shortly there after.   I got some nice photos though!  Well worth all the effort.  And being frozen.

kk_onair preset...I love how this preset sort of whited out the background.  

kk_prairie preset

taken with my iPhone. Another perspective... Apps: snapseed, distressFX, VSCOcam

kk_prairie...what better preset for a prairie, than prairie?

Same photo as above but with 2 lil owls texture soft chaos #3 multiply 20%, and soft chaos #6 soft light, 100%

HDR preset, kk_prairie preset
I am linking up with Kim Klassen's texture Tuesday.  

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Sheila said...

Gorgeous images, I love all of the different versions. Andy Goldsworthy is a fav of mine :)

Suzette Rothlisberger said...

I love all these images. So beautifully done!

Beverly said...

Oh these are all just beautiful! I love seeing landscape with a lot of negative space, open fields, sky! The presets all are just perfect on your work today!

Rob said...

Thank you all for your kind comments.

Electric | Journal said...

I absolutely love these images of the remnants of a farm... simply beautiful images. Don't you love how a blanket of snow changes the whole character of a place?

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