Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day...

"True love stories never have endings." -Richard Bach

Happy Valentine's Day!  This has sort of been a Valentine week for me.  It started on Monday with flowers.  I have been out of town, and my darling hubby, aka Warren,  had the most beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for me when I arrived home.
Lots of red and white flowers.  I think this is my favorite bouquet yet that he has gotten me.

I think I have taken hundreds of pictures using the flowers from this bouquet! 

a single rose...

daisies added, a card, and hearts...

Okay, Warren got me this card when I returned from my Australian trip...I love it, and it's perfect for a prop...

My photo art...

While visiting Luke, we did a little throwing of the baseball.  It was so much fun that I decided right there and then, that I wanted a new glove...and one for Warren too, so we could play catch together.  Thursday we bought the gloves deciding they would became our official valentine present.  We found them more than half off at a local sporting good store.

Then he surprised me this morning with a very nice card, and a candle!  
Here's this week's valentine loot.
Now you can see the whole bouquet of flowers, the candle Warren got me, and the cards.  And of course the gloves, and ball.  

The day is not over yet...we have many more fun things planned to celebrate the day.  

My amazing man...cooling down from a workout...
 Hugs to my wonderful husband...pretty appropriate for this day.
Happy Valentine's Day...may your love abound more and more!


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