Monday, February 16, 2015


"My Hope is in Thee..." -Psalms 39:7

"Love the Lord your God with all your Heart, and with all your Soul, and with all you Mind." -Matthew 22:37

2015 is becoming quite a challenging year so far for reasons I will go into at a later date.  In December, I decided I wanted to do the Documented Faith project not knowing what the next year would hold.  I just knew I wanted to get closer to the Lord, and this was a way to do it, and hold me accountable.  It has been fantastic.  Themes have been "trust", "truth", "transform" just to name a few.   Today, I read a wonderful post on a blog about hearts which is quite appropriate in light of the fact that we just celebrated Valentine's day.  I am quoting what she can go to the blog to read it for yourself.  I could have written rang so true with me.

"My tenderheartedness comes from a deep place...a place that knows love and loss.

Too many times spent hoping, wishing, and kneeling-longing for something different-something to change.  And a tired mind, trying hard to make up for what the heart wished it had.  I had a heart that was too broken to be mended and had to be made new.

Have you ever asked for a new heart?  It may sound sad, but it isn't.  When our own ideas, strength, and desires fall apart, and when we crumble into His hands...His heart is for us!  He knows every tear,  He comforts every sadness, He makes us smile with things He knows we love.

Perhaps you will quietly hold out your hands and hold out your heart, and be willing and expectant that God's love will cover, embrace, and begin to warm you.  His Love Is what our Hearts want most of all."
Inspired by Stephanie Ackermann (at Homegrown hospitality)

Sometimes we need to be reminded of what we know, and did a long time ago.  This was such a reminder for me.

My Hope is in the this song.  Enjoy, and be encouraged.


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