Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Welcome Fall...

"In Autumn, don't go to the jewelers to see gold; go to the parks."-Mehmet Murat ilda

Welcome to fall...sunflowers, pumpkins, cooler days, longer nights, and oh! the colors are glorious.

 I am linking up to Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen's website.  Head on over there...she has a free tutorial, and two textures.
Kim Klassen {dot com}

Enjoy the fall pictures...
Textures: kk_pumpkin grunge, softlight 39%; 2 lil' owls: Happy song square, multiply 67% masked off parts of the flower

One of our challenges for our Photo club was to use artificial lighting in a photo.  I love the glow and ambiance of candle light, so I thought I would try something fall-ish with it.  What could be more fall-ish than a pumpkin.  Here's my first attempt.

I have the candles and the pumpkins sitting on a mirror.

As usual, here came Maggie to check out what I was doing, and she plopped down right in the middle of my props, so she became a prop herself.  The candles did not seem to bother her in the least.  I thought the heat given off by them would drive her away.  

Love this!  She was pretty content right where she was...and stayed until I shooed her away for another idea.

Next I added a sunflower, and crab apples to the top of a mirror.  I thought the reflections would look nice.  They did.  I like this a lot too.

and this...

I just kept rearranging things, and liking everything...when to stop...I do get carried away sometimes.
 I decided I would try small string lights for the next kind of artificial light...in a fall arrangement of course but...Look who shows up again...Maggie.

She really liked the string of lights.  Too much in fact.  
 My photo taking just got a lot harder, because my intruder here wanted to play with, and snack on the lights.  I finally had to banish her to the bedroom.  Sorry, Maggie...

My favorite capture of the shoot.  I love the bokeh of the lights in the background. 

Then I went outside...no artificial light here!
Even the butterflies have fall-ish colors...
Two lovely butterflies in my flower garden.
Enjoy the cooler, and longer nights...Maybe I will get caught up on my sleep.  Just maybe...I hope.


Marilyn said...

Bravo! Wonderful fall images. Don't know which I like better…..the kitty, the pumpkins, the candlelight and oh, the sunflowers. Thanks for a delightful experience.

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