Thursday, September 25, 2014

A road trip...

"There are no uninteresting things, only uninterested people."- G.K. Chesterton

Yesterday, a fellow photographer friend and I decided to take a scenic drive around the smaller towns in our area.  I think we hit pay dirt.  Come along to see what we did.

After weeks of rain, we had a nice sunny day with pretty fluffy, white clouds in the sky.  We found this amazing house that must have been very nice in the past.  It has a lot of character.

 I thought it would make a great haunted looking house, and here's what I came up with...
Picture taken and edited with my iPhone using the apps: snap seed, hipstamatic, and distressedFX.
It also had a lot of interesting things in the side this old washing machine.  I do not have a good picture of it, but the fence along the side was made of old mattress springs.
 There was a lot of huge cacti along the fence line.  I think it was added to keep out the trespassers.

Maybe the person who lived in this house was some sort of washing repairman...Maytag maybe?  There was another washing machine on the other side of the house.

And a very nice rain barrel.
We would have liked to have taken this rain barrel home, but we thought better of it since there was a no trespassing sign on the fence posts.  Besides, it probably has lots of bugs, and maybe snakes in it. 

Across the street was another interesting house.  I liked the door most of the bird and the brick at the lower, right of the door.
I think the colors are lovely, and I have never seen a brick like this one. (lower right by the door).
 The window was pretty interesting as well.  The blue in the plaster, and around the window is nice.
Lots of stuff in this old house, and a very nice pot in the right wind.
 The next small town, we found this old house.  

And at yet another small town, this interesting building.  We visited 4 small towns...Aren't the skies gorgeous.  They are that way because my friend let me borrow a polarizer.  I had never used one before.  They sure make the skies pop.

We found many old homes.  Unfortunately, if I had to find them again, I wouldn't be able friend did the navigating...I did the driving.  We make a good pair.

At one of the farms, we found a pasture with some very nice horses, who quickly came to the fence to check us out.  They were probably hoping for some apples, I think.  They were sorely disappointed because we had none.  

Next time bring a treat...

 Our last stop was the small town of Dexter.  Storm clouds were rapidly forming, and we decided we had better high tale it home.

We did not make it before a very bad thunderstorm hit.  They can come up very fast in New Mexico.   I dropped her off at her house, and headed for mine.  There was horrible lightning, and the streets were flooded way over the curbs.  I was beginning to wonder if I was going to make it home.  Warren called to tell me all the electricity was off at the house, so I could not get into the garage.   I got pretty soaked just from running from our driveway to the front door.  We had a good day of photos though.
The rain.  

This morning as I was doing my dishes, I looked out the window, and loved the way the raindrops were lit by the morning light on individual blades of grass.  So, I got a towel, laid it on the ground so I would not get wet, and took pictures of the grass.

Fall is here...see the fallen leaf.  
Great road trip...Drenching rain...Scary storm...Lovely aftermath.  Be blessed.


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