Friday, September 12, 2014

Acres, and acres of sunflowers...

"If you'll chase God instead of your dreams, all your dreams will come true." -Werley Nortreus

Look what I found.  Tons of sunflowers.  I am linking up to to Kim Klassen's Friday finds.  
Kim Klassen {dot com}

Sunflowers are my favorite flower.  I love all the varieties with their different colors.   When Warren watches his yearly Tour de France, he calls me in when they pass by the fields of sunflowers.  They are gorgeous, and I always wish I could see them in real life.  Well, God gave me one of the desires of my heart: to experience sunflowers first hand, and in real life.

This past week, I traveled with the DeFrancos to McKinney where Ryan is staying with my niece while he works as an intern for a sports facility.  When we were halfway there, we came across acres, and acres of sunflowers.  It was truly breath taking, and an experience that I will remember forever.  I felt so very blessed.  Of course, we had to stop to get photos.  I chose the quote above, because the story of the sunflower is that its face will follow the sun.  I like to think the flower is keeping its face toward the light of heaven, and following God.

Behold all the glory of sunflowers.

These sunflowers were not very tall.  They only came up to my hip.  It looks warm out here, but it was very cold.

Amazing how they face all one way...

Sunflowers galore.  Oh, I was thrilled to be here.

It was also very windy which made it seem colder.  I was freezing here.  You cannot see me shake, but I was shivering.  

Uh-oh...look at the sunflower in the lower left hand corner.  It did not get the memo to face the other direction.  

The tumbleweed in between the rows will give you an idea about how little these stalks are. 

Okay, I had to doctor up the flower with a texture.  This was an iPhone photo processed with the app snapseed, and distressedFX

Textures added: from photo artistry: texture 003 multiply 25%, 2 Lil Owls: square bonus iPhone texture one overlay 75%. kk_heart overlay 35%, center of flower masked

I wonder if all these sunflowers will be harvested to become "David" sunflower seeds.

Eat.  Spit. Be Happy.  Wow, they made me happy just seeing them growing.  Their "happiness" factor just keeps on going...kind of like the energizer bunny.  I think I will try growing them again next year.  For some reason, my seeds did not germinate this year.  I think I will plant them in rows so they can look so cute, too.    Be blessed...


Sarah Huizenga said...

Lovely sunflowers and yes you do look a little chilly.

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