Sunday, March 25, 2012

Journaling and Blogging

I think journaling, which is now in the form of blogging, is fantastic.  The great part about blogging is you can add pictures, links, and other information all in one spot.  Today, Warren flew up to Dallas to see a back specialist at the Texas Back Institute.  He tells me it is a huge place.  Tomorrow he gets examined, and I am so hoping and praying that he will have some good news.  I know these past few weeks have been very hard on him, yet he continues to plug along and function as best he can.  With him heavy on my heart, I went to my favorite website,, to catch up on what was happening in her community.  I was excited when I saw the art journaling prompt and challenge was the word "BE."  I could do lots of things with that word, but since my heart and mind was on Warren, I wanted it to "be" about him.
Be appreciative of your husband!
 And since I am writing about art journaling prompts and challenges, the one earlier this week was on "Surrender."  I used a picture of Sawyer & Tate and came up with a page.  I was so excited when the administer of the challenge commented that my page was the sweetest thing she had ever seen, and she thought my take on the word was interesting.
I don't know was more worn out from trying to get "the shot" or the twins!


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