Friday, June 24, 2011


"In Him was life, and the life was the light of men." John 1:4

"While I am in the world, I am the light of the world." John 9: 5

Jesus...light of the world.  What are some of the qualities of light?
1.  It conquers darkness.
2.  It makes things grow.
3.  It provides warmth.
4.  It exposes.
5.  It is the source of energy.

Last week my photography lesson was on white balance or types of light.  The camera has the ability to take pictures in different types of light...sun, shade, cloudy, incandescent, and  fluorescent  to name a few.  If the lighting is wrong, the pictures will turn out with a yellowish or blue color cast, so getting the lighting right is important.  For that particular picture, there is only one correct light and it brings life to the subject.

As I think of Christ,  He is the only correct light.  Discovering that correct light=LIFE.  Christianity is the only religion with the one true light.  Other religions may think they have the correct light, but their life will soon show the error.   I think that is pretty wonderful.  As a photographer, I want all my pictures to show the glory of God.

We studied the different kinds of light in my photography class and their effect on a photo.  Erynn patiently posed for me as I took a picture with each setting on my camera.  There are some that look pretty good and some look horrible.  I found this exercise to be very interesting.  My favorite is the flash and least favorite the incandescent.  I was surprised the flash was so true to what I was seeing.  I never use flash and no, the flash did not go off.  It can be used when a flash is attached, but in this case there was not a flash used. We are not allowed to use a flash in this class which I like.  The flash makes a picture look flat and lifeless and that is not what I want.  So today, be in the light.

Thank you, Erynn for posing for me.  Isn't she so gorgeous? 


Laurie said...

Well, I tell you, between your & Jordan's blog, I can never seem to post a comment on the first try! I love the pictures-- cute subject :) Especially the ones on the right side (top & bottom). Keep those great pics a comin'!

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