Monday, June 20, 2011

My 58th Birthday

I cannot believe the month of June is almost over or that it is my birthday!  Time has a way of going way too fast.  So do I feel older?  Well I don't feel much different than I did yesterday, but my body sure knows it has aged--more wrinkles even though I spend a lot on all those creams that are supposed to "plump" or "fill-in" those wrinkles, they do not seem to be working for me.  I have cellulite that is creeping down my legs, so there is no way I would ever consider putting on another pair of shorts;  it is capris for me!  My arms wave when I do and I am trying my best to fight off the middle age bulge that seems to settle in quite nicely around the middle.  It is just horrible growing old.  The only good thing is that no one is immune.

All in all, I like birthdays and feeling special for a day...well, actually my awesome husband has a way of making me feel special most days.  He has done a great job giving me little presents throughout the weekend and we will finish our celebrating after I teach my Pilates class tonight.  My boys and their family's have all done their part in making the day special as well.  I am so blessed.  Thank you, Lord, for my great family.

Happy birthday to me!



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