Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's official...Reid is 4 years old

The celebration for Reid's 4th birthday started early this year with a small party on Thursday afternoon at PawPaw and Mimi's house.  Everyone needs to enjoy the miracle of their birth.  Aren't we glad that we are wonderfully made by our Lord!  We are certainly glad for Reid because he makes wonderful things happen  in our soul and spirit when he is around.  Grandchildren are truly a blessing from the Lord and gifts from above.

The Cake Mimi made

Early celebration at PawPaw & Mimi's 
The "Toy Story"  theme graced cakes, packages, table settings, centerpieces, and presents.  I think everyone got the message that Reid really likes Toy Story.  It is all Mrs. Markl's fault.  Apparently when she was keeping Erynn and Reid one time, they watched the video, "Toy Story" and it has been his favorite (only second to his Blue blanket and Pooh Bear) ever since.
The cake and presents!
One Happy birthday boy!

Blowing out the candles.

Yum!  Great cake and ice cream too.
Happy Birthday Reid.  One special little boy.
This year Nana and YaYa were able to join in all the festivities making it (as Tigger would say) "the bestest and fiestiviest time of all.  Hoohoo!"  In all that celebrating, we cannot forget Father's day.  Happy Father's day to the two most awesome and wonderful fathers.

Ian posing for the Family photo.  You know we have to have one.

PawPaw and Ian (Father and son)  Happy Father's day!


Laurie said...

Rob, I know Ian will love the group picture. Ha! I can't believe our Reid is 4!! Hard to believe! Wonder what theme he'll want next year-- he keeps saying "Thomas the Train" when he "turns five". We'll see.

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