Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 15, 2010

Standing: Mark, Drew, Zach, Ian, Laurie, Luke
Seated: Amber, Adi, Meghann, Warren, Rob, Erynn, Jordan

Isn't this a good-looking family? I had Jerry Holm take this picture since we had the whole family home for the 4th along with a couples shower for Mark and Amber. It truly was fun having everyone home. I love my family and feel blessed the Lord has given me such a wonderful family. They do their mom proud.

Amber & Adi making the "Dirt" dessert

I had lots of helpers to cook and decorate

The couple's table

The centerpiece

I was hoping to get some pictures of Erynn and Reid today to try out my new external flash--it arrived yesterday. I am working my way through the instruction manual, but it will take me awhile to get through it I am sure. Hopefully, this will take my pictures to new heights.

Maria came over to cut Erynn and my hair. Yes, we look beautiful--Maria always does a great job. After Erynn's haircut, she was to lie down for awhile since she had a VBS program tonight and her mom wanted her rested. When I told her she needed to go lie down, she told me she could not, because her hair was damp and it would get wrinkled. I knew exactly what she meant. So out came the hairdryer--which Erynn does not particularly like. Well, I think she must not be too fond of it, because every time we come in from swimming, and I want to dry her hair she doesn't want it done. She let me dry it this time though, then she was happy to comply with her lie down time. (She never did lie down--she spent most of time reading books, and doing puzzles. But at least she did not have wrinkled hair.)

This picture was taken over the 4th holiday. Erynn had about an inch cut off today and no wrinkles. We ladies are very particular about our hair. And sometimes the men are the same way too.


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