Monday, July 19, 2010

Random thoughts

Shelly Coll
Friday I attended a memorial service for Shelly Coll who was taken home to be with the Lord too early for those of us left behind. She was 51 years old and died from cancer. It truly was a celebration of her life with many of her family members sharing stories of how she impacted their lives. Her children said Shelly always told them "be Jesus to someone today." What a great lesson for them to remember. Her younger brother shared some stories I could totally relate to since I lost an older sibling as well. It was as if his thoughts and mine were one in the same. The last person to speak was her husband who shared how the Lord was there through it all, and how Shelly drew strength and peace from God. Every person who shared said, "if you do not know Jesus, do not leave this place without talking to one of us." Jesus was certainly at the heart of this service. Although the service was long, I was glad the family took the time to share. I enjoyed everything they had to say, and did not mind the length. How can one recap a lifetime in just a couple of hours? The family continually thanked us for being there, but I think we should thank them for allowing us to share that time with them because it blessed me tremendously. Our prayers are definitely with the Coll family.

On a more lighthearted note, our quilting guild is asking each member to make a "mini-me," which is a cardboard doll that represents you. It could be an alter-ego, or you. These dolls will be strung hand to hand at the quilt show in September. It was fun creating a "mini-me". I like crazy socks, so my "me" has very visible socks. Warren says denim is a favorite of mine--and he is right--so my doll is dressed in denim as well. I had a lot of trouble drawing the face--in fact, my face is rather pathetic, so I might have to make another "me" after I have practiced drawing faces some. But all in all, I like it.

My "mini-me"
This weekend I processed the pictures of Erynn I had taken using my external flash. Poor Warren and my grandkids, Erynn and Reid, are the subjects of my photo experiments. I have to beg them to let me take their pictures. I managed to convince Erynn to pose for me with the stipulation that she would be able to pick a pose she wanted to do. I thought that was a great exchange. Here are my two favorite pictures using my new external flash.

Erynn doing my poses
Here is Erynn's choice of a pose.
Erynn's choice for her pose. Warren liked her's the best-behind the gate

Aren't kids so much fun!


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