Sunday, July 16, 2017

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"A portrait is not made in the camera, but on either side of it." 
                                                                     -Edward Steichen

July 4th is my favorite all time holiday... I like it more than Christmas.  I love the red, white, and blue colors, our country, food, fireworks, and fellowship.  When we lived in New Mexico, we had family and friends gather at our house for all the festivities.  I really miss the celebration and all the people.  This year the 4th was sort of a dud for us.  Warren had his hand surgery on July 3, so he was not feeling very festive, and I managed to catch some sort of bug that had me under the weather.  I did talk Warren into driving to a place where we could sit in the car and watch the fireworks. We enjoyed that very much.  Luke took the boys to a Tourist baseball game (the Tourists are the minor league farm team for the Colorado Rockies).  When the game ended, they had a fireworks show.  Luke had tickets for us as well, but as I said, neither of us were in any kind of shape to go.  The boys had a great time.  Sawyer in particular.  He is a friend to all.  He quickly started up a conversation with the guy next to him.  They became fast friends.

(These photos were taken by Luke...I just edited them)

The next photo was taken of me by another member of our camera club when we were on a field trip at Chimney Rock.  He entered this photo in the camera club's print competition.  It does have the flag in I think it is perfect for July 4th.

photo by Bob Coffey
Back to Sawyer.  The boys like looking through my photos I have of them.  They want me to make cards out of the pictures they select, they add the words, and they give them to people of their own choosing.  On Wednesday, we were looking through photos of Sawyer for a card project when he asked me to go back to one particular photo.  He told me he wanted to see his "Raffie" (his stuffed giraffe cuddle pal).  I went back to the photo, and he said, "I miss him so much."  I did not know Raffie was missing. This was news to me.  So I inquired as to how his favorite thing in all the world came to be missing.  Sawyer said he had been playing hide-go-seek with Raffie.  Raffie hid, and won.  I thought this a rather interesting explanation since Sawyer was the one who had to hide Raffie.  He just couldn't remember where he had hidden him.

The yellow object held against his mouth is his Raffie
 I am happy to report that Raffie was found hidden in the window seat.  I am sure it was a joyous reunion!

We have had some glorious rain lately.  I love to go out to photograph right after a rain when the sun tries to peek through the clouds.  The light is usually perfect.  That is just what I did yesterday.

"Wherever there is light, one can photograph." -Alfred Stieglitz

Our oriental day lilies...


more oriental day lilies...I love the beauty of these flowers.

Queen anne's the rain.

While I was editing my photos, I made some photo art of them.  I could do photo art forever.  I love experimenting.

Spread your love everywhere you go... and be a blessing to someone.


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