Saturday, April 1, 2017

What's Happening around here...

"My work is nothing more than a visual diary of a very long walk."-Andrew Stark

Our photo club recently went on a field trip to the New Belgium Brewery, the River Arts District, and the Tobacco Barn, which is now a converted antique barn.  Here are some photos from that field trip.  First the brewery.  I only selected a few photos because beer is not my thing.  I think these are pretty unique.

If you look closely at this photo, you will see a reflection of me.

see my reflection?

I love the colors here...

Let me introduce you to Dennis Guffey.  He is a member of the photo club, and is very good to send photos to those he has taken a photo of.
Dennis Guffey

The following pictures of me were taken by Dennis on this field trip.  It is tradition that the Belgium Brewery have a slide in its facility.  I thought the guide was kidding when he told us that.  It is an easy and fast way to get from one level to a lower level.  The guide told us we could try the slide or walk down the steps.  I was the first to go down this dark, twisty slide.

Photo by Dennis Guffey

Photo by Dennis Guffey

Photo by Dennis Guffey...notice I am wearing my favorite shoes...Boots!

The River Arts district is known for its graffiti.  I had a fellow club member take this photo of me in front of my name.

Wow, it seemed my name was every where.  I don't know who the "Rob" is that is memorialized on the side of the building, but I was happy to take advantage of my name by having me stand underneath it.  

I found another bit of graffiti that I thought looked like it could be my name, so Dennis took my photo here as well.

Photo by Dennis Guffey

Photo by Dennis Guffey

In the Tobacco Barn, I was working on an abstract technique that will be our April challenge.  So the photos are meant to be a little strange.

Can you tell this is a chicken?


In this abstract, I thought it would be fun to add a ghost effect with my grandson to the picture.  Isn't he cute added to the photo?

My little ghost...

I liked this bin of letters... too cool!

That's my photo field trip.  The last picture was, also, taken by Dennis.  Photography is my joy, and a great pleasure for me to do.  That's why I really love this photo.  It captures who I am, and what I love.

Photo by Dennis Guffey (thank you, Dennis!)
Happy April!


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