Monday, March 6, 2017

Sasha...the search and rescue dog...

"Dogs are miracles with paws!"...unknown

Sunday afternoon Warren and I went for a walk around Flatrock park.  It is getting to be a routine for long as the weather is nice.  When we were finished with our walk, we sat down on a nearby bench to enjoy the beauty of the park, and the day.

 From the bench we could see the play area...

And some ladies who were training/working with their search and rescue dogs.  We watched while Sasha, a German Shepherd, was told to "search."  We saw her take off, nose to the ground to find her lost item.  I heard her owner/training coming back with Sasha announcing that "she found it" to the others in her party.  It was a very exciting moment for them, and for us as well.  It's nice to know if we were ever lost, we could be found by these dogs.  As we were leaving, I stopped to find out more about the training, and the dogs.  They were part of a volunteer search and rescue team who are called out to search for lost individuals.  Meet Sasha and her owner, Maria.

I hope I am never in a situation where I have to depend on Sasha to rescue me, but it is nice to know there are those willing to care enough to spend the time and effort training their dogs for such an endeavor.  They are both heroes.


Carol said...

Sasha is a gorgeous and obviously very smart dog. Enjoyed your sharing of her and her owner and also yours and Warren's Sunday routine.

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