Monday, May 23, 2016

Twins...Awana's...and another attempted photo shoot...

"Children make your life important." -Erma Bombeck

The boys have been attending Awana's every Wednesday at church.  They are "cubbies".  What is Awana's?  It is a Bible based program to teach children about the Lord, His Word, and His Way.  They have stories, learn songs, and memorize scripture.  They have a variety of activities so they can earn badges for completing a project, or saying their memory verse.  The boys each have a Cubbie book that has great hands on projects, and stories that teach Biblical values, and character.  We do the activities, but what they like the most, is the CD with the stories, and Bible verses.  They ask to listen to it during nap time, and bedtime.  One day I heard Tate playing, and he was quoting one of his scriptures.  It was very nice to hear.

Last Wednesday was the award program for the kids.  They performed their songs, said their memory verses, and got their ribbons.

Sawyer third from the left (first row)...he's sticking out his tongue.  Tate second from the right (first row) next to the girl on the end.  Notice their cubbie vests:  they each have earned an apple badge.  It's at the top of the "A" on the left side of the vest.  

Hmmm.  Somehow they are all singing a song, but each one seems to be doing a different hand gesture.  

Sawyer always has his cars with him.  See them in his hands?

Gini gives Sawyer his ribbon.
Tate was too fast for me to take a picture.  He was up and down in no time.

It goes without saying that I love taking photographs.  Nothing brings me more joy than taking pictures of my grandkids...or my own kids (even though they are all grown now).  I like to look at other photographers to try to make my photos better.  There is one photographer that I adore her work.  Her name is Elena Shumilova.  She lives in Russia, and is self-taught.  I have never seen photos like the ones she gets...they are breath taking.  I've read all I can about her, and even had my name on the waiting list for her workshops she was offering in the USA. (I did not get in...Rats).  Anyway, she says to photograph your kids everyday doing everyday things to get them used to the camera.  That way, they will learn to ignore it.  Well, I have been trying to do that, but these photos were staged...and you can tell by their silly faces.  What can I was pouring rain outside, and I thought it would be a fun time to snap a few photos.  It was something to do.

That's my photo shoot of the twins.  Stay tuned for of these days.  And hopefully doing everyday things.


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