Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fun Adventures...Tyron Equestrian Center...

"A horse is the projection of peoples' dreams about themselves-strong, powerful, beautiful-and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence." -Pam Brown

"I've often said there's nothing better for the inside of man than the outside of a horse." -Ronald Reagan

Out in the middle of nowhere, and outside the city of Tryon (about 20 miles away), there is the most amazing equestrian center.  We had no idea it existed until a couple from our church called to ask if we wanted to go watch "Saturday night lights" at this center.  Saturday night lights is not like "Friday Night Lights"...which is football.  This is a horse jumping competition held every Saturday night during spring, and summer months.  I immediately wanted to go since I have had a love of horses since I was a little girl.  Warren was not too sure he wanted to go, but he did change his mind, and he is glad he did.  We had the most wonderful time.  When we drove in, we were in awe at the size, and beauty of the place.

There was housing for staff, restaurants, shops, corrals, barns, and many training and competition fields...and tons of parking.  Along the side of the roads, there were tons pots containing many different kinds of plants.  I guess at some point someone is going to plant these for landscaping.  It literally looked like a nursery.  Since the competition had not started when we arrived, we took the opportunity to look around.

This is one of the many shops...

There was not one boot under $1000 in this shop...

I am not sure, but I think this is VIP seating, and it maybe part of a dining experience...

There was activities galore for all ages...

As the competition was about to start, and we were walking to find a perfect seat, this dog was performing tricks of his own.  The owners were seated behind him, and they had no idea his dog was focused on a group of ladies seated at a table not far from him eating hamburgers.  I think he wanted one of their burgers, and was doing his best to impress them in hopes of getting some pieces of meat flung his way.

This guy was on the practice field before the competition started.  I thought it was interesting that all of the horses wore these little "hats" over their ears.

The riders were from all over the world, as were the horses.  The competition begins.  The winner will receive a $25, 000 in prize money.  

The event was divided into two sections with about 20 riders in each.  In between the two groups, maintenance crews came out to wet down, and drag the field...and throw T-shirts to the crowd.

Round two begins...

There was a lady rider from Santa Fe that I was hoping would win, but she did not.  This guy here had the best ride, and ultimately won the competition.

We were told the center, as we saw it, was only half completed.  There were plans for a full resort and spa.  I found out there is a weekly farmer's market there as well.  I shall have to check it out.    

There was only one bad accident when a horse did not make it over a double poled jump, stumbled, and landed on its knees, and throwing the rider off.  Both were visibly shaken, but neither hurt very badly.  Warren reminded me that it was doing this sport that "Superman", Christopher Reeves, was injured and paralyzed.  I was very glad that neither horse or rider were hurt, and both walked off the field.  We definitely plan to go back, and day or night...we will stay there just for the fun of it.


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