Sunday, April 10, 2016

I'm Back...

"Even when the air seems perfectly still, great changes are taking place." -Marty Rubin

Warren and I drove to Roswell to get some of our treasures out of our house because we have decided to make NC our permanent home.    We left Maggie with Luke...she was not happy with us leaving.
Maggie, not so thrilled...
The trip took 3 long...very long... days that we divided into 500 mile increments.  Warren drove while I took in the sights.  There were many photo ops along the way, but were we stopping for such things?...NO.  We had one goal: to make our destination each night. No time to stop for photos.
I got one we were about to enter Arkansas, and go over the Mississippi River.  

The sorting through all our years of "stuff" was pretty did we get so much stuff?  Thank goodness my friend, Deborah, came from Carlsbad to help me with my worse nightmares: my sewing room, and my office upstairs.  While it was an unpleasant task, it was made enjoyable because we got to visit.  Warren, Deb, and I did get everything sorted, and put in a 10 ft. U-Haul truck.  We took no furniture. 

This is what we had to load on the U-Haul
We had Wild West Auctions come in after we left to gather the remaining items for an estate sale.  Can I say that was a wise decision?  It was a wise decision.  The auction was last Thursday, and Friday...and I am happy to report almost everything was sold.  

Wild West Auction had things set up in our garage, driveway, house, and backyard...

This is one of the rooms after the auction...all sold...every room was like this.  

pretty amazing...and wonderful.
The trip back to NC was rather scary.   Warren drove the U-Haul, and followed me.  I did not want to be the leader, but my car had the GPS, so I had to lead.  The first day was horribly windy...I was glad when we pulled into our first destination: Oklahoma City.  The second day we had thunderstorms, and hail.  Lightning was striking all around us, and I was so afraid we'd get struck.  As I drove, I wondered if my tires would ground me and keep me safe in the event I was struck.  We had to drive about 20 MPH because the rain and hail was coming down so hard and fast that we couldn't see.  It made for a long day.

Our destination for day 2 was Memphis, Tn, which was a nightmare to navigate.  There was major road construction, and we had to cross 4 lanes of traffic a lot to keep on I-40. When we finally got to our hotel, I shaking like a leaf.  I never want to drive through Memphis again.

The third day of our journey, we expected bad weather, but we really did not see any...just a lot of wrecks...3 to be exact... which caused huge traffic jams.  With one wreck, it took us 1 hour to go 1.8 miles.  We finally came to an exit which we took.  We had lunch there while we waited for the interstate to get moving again.  Unfortunately, the other two wrecks we could not get off the interstate and had to sit in traffic.  It took us 12 hours what would normally take 8 hours to drive.  I was not too upset by the delays though.  I was very tired on the last day, and all the activity kept me alert, and wide awake.  

Semi on the guard rail...
 I thought the fall was amazing here in NC with all its colors, but I have to say that spring time is pretty gorgeous as well.  The color in the trees that were blooming was spectacular: the white Dogwoods, and the yellow, purple, and pink blossoms from trees I don't have a clue to what they are, made the drive so enjoyable.

We have spent the bulk of the week unpacking all our stuff...trying to find a place for it in our new home.  

I am happy to report that almost all our stuff is put away.  We have to determine what art work, and photos we want to hang on our walls, and we will be officially moved in.  

Last fall, I planted 50 tulip bulbs.  They bloomed while we were in Roswell.  I was happy to see that there were still some in the process of fully blooming when we arrived late on our last night.  I had to get a photo of just one.

Stay tuned for more on our trip, and the lessons learned.  Hint: I had to repent a lot! 


Carol said...

Without the prize ahead moving would not be worth it, but thankfully, NC ... or in my case, TX ... is worth every tired day and harrowing moments of the adventure of a UHaul and vehicle a thousand plus miles! Enjoy your familiar things in a new place and please keep us posted. Tulips! I love tulips!!

Rob said...

Amen to that!

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