Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Anticipating Easter...

"What is the real purpose behind the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, and Santa Claus?  They seem like greater steps toward faith, and imagination; each with a payoff.  Like cognitive training exercises.        -Chuck Palahniuk

Oh my goodness, it is March already?  Easter is just around the corner.  It comes early this year, so in anticipation of Easter,  I enlisted my grandkids to help me make an egg tree.  My inspiration came from an egg tree that was a featured news story which was about Easter traditions.  It seems the Kraft family from Saalfeld, Germany have been decorating this tree with Easter eggs for 40 years.

Volker Kraft hanging his eggs
I cannot image stringing all those eggs, and hanging them, but isn't it beautiful?  I wonder how they get them down without tangling all the strings.  My tree did not have nearly that many eggs.  I only had 96, and it was sure a pain to string them...well, I actually used fishing line.  I was sure glad I only had 96 eggs and not 9200.  The twins loved decorating our Easter tree. This is my first year to do an Easter tree.  Time will tell if it becomes a tradition...besides, I have to figure out how to store the eggs without tangling the fishing line.

Tate...don't you love the mittens?

Sawyer...and the orange gloves?

All done.  The tree is beautiful...

now we can play!

whoops...photo time with PawPaw...

Now with Mimi

Here's the tree.  At least we did not have to have a ladder to string our eggs.

After we decorated the tree, we had to go to the park for a celebration of sorts...called playing.

It was an all round wonderful day.  Be Blessed.


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