Tuesday, September 15, 2015


"Once upon almost every morning'
I woke up to find her flying
Hummingbird was making blurs of
Blue and rings of purple in the air...
...Humming bird, hummingbird
that song I heard 
that's my hummingbird." -John Mayer, Hummingbird lyrics

We have a hummingbird feeder right outside our sliding glass window with a lot of these little birds stopping by to take a sip.

Waiting inside the screened in porch...hoping...and wishing...and waiting is Maggie who would love to be able to get at the hummingbirds.  At first, the birds were leery about approaching the feeder when she was perched in her spot, but they seem to know she cannot get at them now.  They come without fear.

I was having a lot of trouble getting a shot of these fast, tiny birds until my friend, Gennean, shared a secret to getting "the shot."  I was thrilled when I did what she suggested, and got some nice shots.

Maybe one day I might share the secret.  Maybe...


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