Friday, August 28, 2015

Charlotte's web????...

"Do you understand how there could be any writing in a spider's web?  'Oh, no,' said Dr. Dorian, 'I don't understand it, but for that matter, I don't understand how a spider learned to spin a web in the first place.'  When the words appeared everyone said they were a miracle.  But nobody pointed out that the web itself was a miracle."
- E. B. White, Charlotte's Web

I know most people have seen those awesome pictures of spider webs with the droplets of water on the web.  I would love to get one of those photos.  I found a wonderful spider's web just of the back deck.  Normally, I would pull down the web right away, because I am not very fond of spiders.  But I have left this one in hopes of getting my dream web photo.  There hasn't been any dew lately, and it hasn't rained in several days.  So much for my awesome photo.  So, I got a spray bottle, filled it with water, and sprayed the web in hopes of getting the photo.  Not much luck there.  Mother nature does a much better job of decorating the web.  I got a few droplets, but none like I had hoped for.  Guess I will have to wait to get my awesome picture another time...  In the meantime, meet my "Charlotte."

and her web...

"I always worried about everything.  Like spiders." -Taylor Swift


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