Saturday, January 3, 2015

Maggie makes a snowman...

"In a meadow we can build a snowman." -Alan Jackson, "Winter Wonderland"

It snowed was like a blizzard! 

I took my grandkids out to the bird sanctuary to get some winter shots. 
love this photo...

and this one too!
Today the sun was shining, the snow was melting, and Maggie was exploring this unusual white stuff.

"Hmmm...this look like the stuff they call snow.  I think I will make a snowman!"

"Let me see...I think I am supposed to gather up the snow, and roll it into a ball."

"Just like this..."
She's pretty amazing...

"Yep, this seems to be working nicely.  I have a little ball forming. Maybe I will eat it..."
Look at that one claw on her left paw...and the snowball she's holding...
"No, on second thought, I am not going to eat it... I want a snowman...I'll just roll it a little more...I think it has to be bigger..."

"Maybe this way a little bit..."

"Opps...I dropped it..."

"Man, this rolling stuff is hard...and I have to make three balls..."

"Now where am I going to put this snowman...ahh!  I see the perfect place."

"I'll just add some leaves for the eyes..."

"Twigs for the arms..."

"Maybe make a few adjustments on this side now..."

"and some leaves for decorations..."

"Maybe move this over a little to the right..."

"There...all done.  Perfect.  I love my little snowman..."

I think I will call him "Snowy."

"I think I will sit back, and admire my little snowman.  I think I am going to be the next Michelangelo!  Don't you?"

"Brrrr.  It is cold out here.  I think I need a cup of hot chocolate to warm up my paws! in there...can you let me in?  I am ready to come in.  I have had enough fun in the snow for one day!"

Have a happy snow day!  
Love, Maggie.


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