Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas...a little late...

"Better late than never..." -old saying.

Yes, I know, I am a little behind.  Christmas has come and gone, but the memories linger on.  Ones that I definitely want to share.  So here is a look back...part one.

My husband has the most awesome office staff.  They keep everything running smoothly for him, and as a result, I have a happy, unstressed hubby. (thank you girls!). The girls add fun to the office.  On Christmas Eve, they all wore "ugly" sweaters.  Even my husband.  No Grinch for him! Don't they look festive, and cute!

He took all the girls out for a Christmas lunch.  The kids are not part of the staff...they are patients, and our grandkids.  They stayed with us a couple of days, so they came along.  They added to the festivities.

While the grandkids were staying with us, we did a lot of crafts.  One of the bigger, more involved craft was making wooden Christmas trees.  Of course, Pawpaw had to cut them out for us.  Since he did not have a table saw, he had to improvise.  He needed a helper to hold the board still.  It was quite the project.

This is how our wooden trees turned out.  Each grandkid got their own set of 3, and I made one for myself.  That meant PawPaw had to cut out 9 trees.  Thank you, are our hero!

We, also, made these cute snowman candy wraps.  They are made from the mini Hershey bars (see in the photo the krackel and hershey bars?).  My granddaughter painted the faces.  My grandson, cut the fingers off the gloves for the hats, and I glued the paper, and bells.

We made huge paper snowflakes...It is hanging down in the middle of our table from the light fixture.  And note our three sets of wooden Christmas trees on the table.

Here's a better look at our snowflake.  It sort of looks like Warren's hat, but it is not.

One night we all went out to eat at our local Burger King.  We met some people we know there, so we took a selfie.  Selfies are the best.

After we ate, we went to look at Christmas lights...

These were my favorite lights....

Here is what they were pointing to...and there was music playing as well.

We took a lot of photos...

We did not have a Christmas tree this year.  Instead, I used a sled, and put gifts in and under it.  Maggie thought this was her new play land, and that the ribbons were there just for her to chew on.

I finally had to turn the packages upside down so she couldn't chew on the ribbons.  

The art gallery here has a class once of month where we are taught how to paint something.  For December, we painted an angel.  It is always a lot of fun with about 16 ladies.  We sometimes have some pretty interesting paintings.

My friend Diane always goes with me.  

Here's an unclose photo of my finished angel.  I really liked this class, and how my angel turned out.

Then came Christmas.  Whew!  We are finally to Christmas.  Our son, and his family came over for Christmas dinner, and yes, I had to take photos.  These two look real excited about the whole thing. Such enthusiasm!

Thank goodness, they were transformed from Grinches to happy Christmas faces.

Like I said, "Better late, than never."..we hope you had a Merry Christmas...

We did...

See what he puts up with?

We do have fun...And I could hug the stuffing out of him...

 I have to end with some artful shots.

And a backwards glance from Maggie, too!



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