Tuesday, January 28, 2014


"A lecture might inform someone, but music affects us in a more profound way.  Music can go past the intellect to the intimate, moving us so compellingly.  We are different for having encountered the enriching blend of notes, tones, and ideas… 
                                                                   -John Ashcroft

Everyone needs a friend like Suzanne…she has an eye for decorating.  Really cute, vintage decorating. I love the vintage look, but I do not have the touch she does.  I don't have the touch period.  One day, I was at her house to make banners for my twin grandson's birthday, which is coming up very soon. She very crafty as well.  Crafty as in 'Arts and Crafts.'  I brought my camera with me with the intent to find some great photo possibilities.  There were a ton.  I will be sprinkling photos on occasion in various posts, so they will all eventually show up here.  Today, I picked photos that had a music theme.  I like music.  It touches my soul, moves me emotionally, and sometimes changes me.  It is also texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen's blog, where textures from Kim are added to our photos. I go there to be inspired. http://www.kimklassencafe.com/thecafe.  All photos were taken at Suzanne's house.

This is a very old accordion…and rolled up sheet music in a wooden box.  Look how she puts the fabric underneath it all.  It is 'wrinkled', and bunched up in such a perfect way….I used kk textures allard-37% overlay; rien soft light-100%

The original violin was all white.  I added the sheet music and kk textures paper stained multiply 100%, and photo artistry blue glitter. 

This room has amazing color, plus a cool chair.  I added kk paper stained texture soft light 100%, and kk paper sheet music multiply 40%.
Finally, I have to introduce you to this amazing lady…

Me…with the camera, and Suzanne.  The picture was taken as we were looking into a mirror in her hallway.  
Thanks, Suzanne, for letting me take photos.


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful brown ,warm tones, you made it perfect with the textures you have chosen! Visiting from Texture Tuesday.

suzoreo said...

Beautiful photo art, Rob! I love your special touches on these photos. You are welcome to do a photo shoot at my house anytime.

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