Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Love…and Texture Tuesday...

"…and the greatest of these is LOVE…" 1 Corinthians 13:13

One of my favorite blogs is Kim Klassen's blog.  It is like stepping into peace and tranquility.  And she has some great photographic tutorials and classes to boot.  Her husband is fighting cancer, and they both have such a positive outlook.  It is contagious.  On Tuesdays, she has "Texture Tuesday" where she encourages her readers to share photos with textures added.  http://www.kimklassencafe.com/thecafe/texture-tuesday-please-hold.html

Today, I was at my friend, Suzanne's.  Her house like none other.  It is decorated so lovely.  I could spend a day just photographing all her niches.  It is simply amazing.  She should charge for tours.   I took this picture because I like all the old Bibles stacked on each other, and the photograph of her daughter's wedding day in the background.  To me, the Bible is all about God's unconditional love, and we are to love our spouses unconditionally.  What inspiration!  I added one of Kim Klassen's textures called 'edith', blend mode soft light at 79% for her Texture Tuesday, and added the quote.  Christ is life, and life abundantly!


Barbara said...

always fun to go to someones house especially that has a talent for decorating, truly a feast for the eyes as well as camera. Love the capture of the bibles as it tells a story all on it's own. the many people who have loved these books over the years and the sweat from their hands on the leather. Lovely capture for sure.

Rob said...

Thank you so much. What a beautiful comment about the love of these Bibles, and the sweat from their hands on the leather. A great thought indeed.

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