Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lesson 2, Advanced Composition...Editorial portrait...

"When we refer to an editorial portrait, we are referring to a photograph of a person that is based on a theme or a story. It isn’t about taking a pretty photograph of a person; it’s about telling their story or using a person to illustrate the story you want to tell."
-Candice Stringham

Lesson 2 of my Advanced Composition class was an editorial portrait.  I had to think a lot about this assignment.  I thought of using my son, Ian, as my subject, but he was out of town.  Bummer.  I decided the best subject would be Warren, my husband.  Poor thing, he always gets used as my Guinea Pig.  I was afraid the indoor photos would not have the right color balance.  I used my gray card, and did a custom white balance, and the exam room had an overhead skylight which allowed natural light to come it.  It helped a lot.  I was pleased with how the assignment turned out.
I asked permission to photograph this patient during her exam. She and her parents wholeheartedly agreed.  She was very cooperative even though she was not feeling very well.  Thank you, Katie. 
Then I decided that Maggie, our cat might make an equally fun subject, so I followed her around taking pictures.  She was not the most cooperative subject, but I got some fun photos.  I did not submit her for my assignment...I just added them to our practice gallery.  


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