Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Burnt-Well Dude Ranch

My photo club took a field trip to The Burnt-Well Dude Ranch,, on October 15th.  Thank goodness we were allowed to take our spouses.  Although Warren did not take any pictures, he visited and actually did a prenatal conference for a mom who delivered her baby that day!  She was in labor when we were there, but she didn't realize it at the time.  Anyway, I got some great photos.  The owners were good about helping us set up the scenario we desired.  We say roping, branding, horse shoeing, and some mighty fine cows.

I almost had a horrible thing happen to me.  They were roping cows as they came out of the shoot, and I had a ton from the side, but I wanted something head on.  The cowboys told me where to stand, and said they would drive the cow in my direction.  Well, the direction just happened to be right into where I was standing.  I kept thinking they were going to maneuver the cow away, but when I saw it wasn't going to happen, I got very worried.  Really worried.  Like this is the end of me worried.  I was thinking I am going to be gored right here in front of God and everybody.  If a turned the wrong way, I would be strangled by the rope.  It was not looking good for me, but I jumped out of the way just in time.  The cow in the last photo was very close to me...very close.  Too close for comfort.  I was so thankful, things turned out for the best.  Probably not for the cow, because it did get roped.

The Ranch has two bunk houses, and we decided we would have to take the grandkids during some weekend in the spring.  They will learn how to rope and ride.  They have the cutest little horses for the kids.  There won't be any of them taking photos of cows though.  We are going to stick to really safe stuff.
Don't I look like a cowgirl?

I had to get out to shoo these cows off the road so we could pass.

It really is out in the middle of nowhere.

Nice windmills though. 

One of the cowboys.

The corral through the horse's eye.  Look closely and you will see me kneeling to take this picture.

The other cowboy...he's on a white horse.

Here they both are in action. I love the dust effect.

Still working on that cow.

This is the one that almost ran into me.  Look at the dog right in all the action.

The cowboy on the white horse has a "Last Ride of Billy the Kid" trail ride in the spring.  It takes a week to complete the ride, and I think I am going to go on it.  He said the women do not have to sleep on the ground...they get put up on the ranches.  Thank goodness.  I might have to change my mind if I had to sleep on the ground.  Anyway, it sounds like a lot of fun.


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WOW, I cannot believe these photos! Amazing!

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