Friday, October 14, 2011

Grave's Farm

Each year we take the grandkids out to Grave's Farm to pick a pumpkin and best of all...a popsicle.  It is a fun outing for all.  No falling in pumpkins and landing on her face by Erynn, and no dropped popsicle by Reid=no melt down from either of them.  Everyone is happy.
At Graves farm...see the pumpkins?
After the popsicles were in two little stomachs, the grandkids and I headed for the corn maze.  Actually, I was just following them.  I have been in a corn maze and know how easily it is to get lost, but they did not.  They proceeded with abandon.  Erynn wanted to go one way, and Reid the other.  Luckily, I was able to keep them on the same path.  I could only image the melt down if they each had gone separate ways.   They kept going deeper and deeper into the maze.  Finally, I heard Warren calling us telling us it was time to go.  We headed back as best we could, but did not do a great job.  Pretty soon Erynn said, "Mimi, are we lost?"  Warren kept saying, "You're moving further away!"  Well, we did have to make some turns that were away.  Reid said, "We just have to find the big spider and we will be out."  (There was a huge fuzzy, not real spider at the entrance).  Pretty smart, I thought.  Anyway, we got out after awhile.  I think it was tons of fun and I think they liked it as well.
Deep in the corn maze


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