Thursday, November 3, 2011

November is here

There must be something special about November this year...look at the date 11/1/11.  All ones.  November has come in all her glory; the richness of the fall colors, the crispness in the air, and happiness of holidays just around the corner.  November was when the pilgrims gave God thanks for their lives and the many blessings He had showered on them.  In honor of the pilgrims heritage, I want to share this month the bounty of November...the bounty of Thankfulness.

My grandparents (the Norcross side) had a wonderful tradition.  Each day at 4 pm, the family gathered in the study and we had a "party."  My grandmother made cheese biscuits, chex-mix, and we had beverages.  It was about the only time we were allowed to have soda and it was Nehi strawberry.  Yum!  The adults had "adult beverages."  Warren and I have adopted something similar except we have tea instead and we call it our "unplug" time.  Obviously, we cannot do it everyday since he is working, but when he is home, we have "unplug" for about 15 or 20 minutes.  It gives us a break in our day, and allows us to reconnect.  I am thankful for these special moments with my very special man.
God's glory

Working to store up for the winter

God's beauty

Mr. least that is what his face looks like to me.

Mums growing in my front yard.  See the small bug in the far right flower.

A bee, flowers, and a pumpkin.

The cottonwood in our backyard.  Such colors.


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