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Hendersonville Home...

"Where we love is home.  Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts." -Oliver Windell Holmes

Shortly after Warren retired, we received a call from our youngest son asking us if we would consider coming to Hendersonville to help with his two boys.  He found himself in a situation he never thought he'd have to face: divorce.  Our son wanted to provide an environment for the boys at home rather than put them in a daycare while he worked.  We  would be nannies.  Long story, short, we came to help.  In the beginning, we just stayed at his house, but soon, we knew we would like a place of our own.  Many of my friends have two, some even three homes.  They have townhouses, or condos in places their grandkids live.  It was with this in mind that we started exploring the housing situation in Hendersonville.  We looked at renting.  There was nothing decent.  Then we looked at condos, and townhouses.  Still nothing.  It was discouraging to say the least.  One day, I was looking at homes online when I found one that looked interesting.  We went to look at it, and bought it.

Here is a  tour of our Hendersonville home:

First the outside.  Here is the front view of the house.  One thing we thought that was interesting is that the builder has to put in landscaping, and a mailbox.  They sure don't do that in New Mexico.  We think we might have to move some of the plants around, because there are some plants that will get pretty big in small places.  Still, we have the plants for which we are grateful.  And we are happy we don't have to put in a yard...

View from the left side of the house...garage side and master bedroom.

View from the right side... guest room side.

Back angle of the house.  The house is one story which we like.  As you can see there is a nice crawl space under the house.  And a great deck.

Decks: Here one can see that the left side is an open deck, and the right is a screened in deck...

And we have a generator in case our electricity goes out...

The inside tour will start with the guest rooms, which we are using for offices.  We had much debate on how to furnish these rooms.  Do we have a bed in the rooms plus office furniture?  We decided to use one as an office/craftroom for me.  The other as guest room/office.  This is my space...

this picture is shot from the doorway looking into the room.

A shot from the closets looking toward the desk... the door to the left is to the bathroom.  It is located between the two guest rooms which is nice.
A shot from the desk looking at the closet, and my reading area.  I love the brightness of this room.  I don't have my sewing machine set up yet, but I will soon.
 This is the other guest room.  We decided twin beds would be best since we have grandkids.  We did not think they would like to share the bed.  This is also Warren's office.

Photo from the doorway.  Lower right corner is Warren's file cabinet.

Maggie followed me around as I was taking photos...she will be in several pictures.  She has to help, you know.

Next is our living room area...We like the open floor plan, and the high ceiling.  I really like the fact that this house has hardwood floors throughout...except in the bathrooms, and laundry room.

Photo taken as you walk in from the front door.  We have a reading area to the left.  And you can see our eating nook in the center back.  The uncovered deck is visible in the right back.

 This shot is from the wall behind the couch.  The TV is above the fireplace that we had converted from wood burning, to gas.  I do not want to have to deal with ashes.  The entryway to the right of the fireplace takes you to the guest rooms.  The doors are to a nice.  To the far right is the foyer where one enters the house.

More detail.  This is taken right behind the couch looking toward the decks.  Enclosed one on the left, and open one on the right.

This is our eating nook...and the kitchen is to the left.  Closed deck to the right...

This is the screened in deck.  Right now we do not have much there.  The door in the center goes to the master bedroom.

This is the kitchen view from the dining room.  I have never had a center island before, and I was not sure how I was going to like it, but I do.  It had a wine rack in the left hand space, but we had it taken out, and shelves put in.  One thing I am not too fond of is the stove is to the right, and the microwave, and oven on the left.  I would have liked to have had them in the same general area.

Here's the cabinets which I love.  They are self-closing...lots of counter space for working. 

Here's the other side of the kitchen.

Love the vent/fan.  All cabinets have under cabinet lights, and I love, love the gas stove.   Notice the knives to the right of the counter.

These are Fiesta-ware knives, and they are the best set of knives I have ever had.  I like the different colors, so I know in an instant what knife I am getting.  They are my favorite accessory. 
In my opinion, everyone needs a set of these.
This is our eating nook.  We mostly eat breakfast here.  This is, also, the place where Warren seems to sit most of the time.  We have all these nice chairs, and sitting areas, and this is where he chooses to sit, and read.

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 This is our foyer.  This is taken from the front door.  You can see the detail work around the doorways,  the crown molding, and the recessed ceilings.

To the left off the foyer is our dining area, which I love.  This is my first formal dining area.  We eat a lot of our meals in here just because we like the area, and why have a dining room if you don't use it regularly?  The table, chairs, and buffet are all Amish.

Notice the ceiling...

better view of the off to the right.

closer look at the buffet

And table

Other view...foyer to the right, and you can see how it goes right into the living room.  Kitchen to the left.

Foyer...dining room to the right.
 This is the bathroom between the two guest rooms.  See Maggie...

I like the double sinks.  The door to the left enters my office area.
 The unscreened deck...view from the house...

View from the screened in deck...

View from the railing looking toward the screened in deck...

The half bath...

From the door looking in..

I like this little bath...
 Next we move down the hallway...straight ahead are two closets.  I use the one on the left for coats, and it is where I keep my mop, broom, and vacuum.  The doors on the right are an extra pantry.  Far right is the entrance to the master bedroom.

The Master bedroom...
See Maggie in the left window?  She watches the birds, and squirrels from there.  To the left is to our closets, and bathroom
 Another view...the door on the left is to the screened in porch.

I love the brightness of this room as well.
 Looking from the bed to the bathroom.  The closet on the left is Warren's and mine is on the right.

Master bath...
I was not sure how I was going to like an open shower.  I want it nice and warm.  I did not know if this would be too cold.  I do like it a lot.  No doors to clean.  And I am plenty warm.

See Maggie again.  These are our sinks.  Bathroom closet to the left, and the toilet has its own room.  Love that feature.
 The closets.  This is my has a window.  I do like the brightness in there.  It is big enough that I can dress in there.  It has a heating/cooling vent, so that makes it nice and warm or cool.

Looking from the bathroom/closet area into the bedroom.

Warren's closet.

Laundry room...pretty unremarkable.

The garage...which I love...We had the cabinets put in, and the floor acid stained and sealed.  I think this floor is super.  It is water/stain resistant.

Hat/shoe area in the garage.  One can sit on this bench to put on/take off shoes and boots.

Tools nicely organized...


Warren's bike working station, and bike rack
 This is our Rynaih water heater.  We never run out of hot water...this is nice.

That is the tour of our home here.  It is located in a very quiet neighborhood surrounded by woods.  We are in the country, but not far from town.  Here is the view from our master bedroom.

There are a ton of things to do here.  Come see us... you might want to stay!


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