Friday, May 22, 2015

"It's's pouring..."  -nursery rhyme

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I cannot remember a time when we have gotten so much rain for such a long time.  Usually, when it rains here, it is just a brief shower, and then the sun comes out.  Not lately.  It has rained steadily for several days now.  And for several times this way for the past month.  One of our photo challenges for our local photo club was "doors".  This was my find...this lovely green door.  This is the photo I submitted for my challenge.
Everyone at the meeting liked my green door, and the reflection on the sidewalk.  
I thought about using this picture... 

because one child is looking through a door window...while the other is looking down the street.  It has a nostalgic feel to it, and reminded me of the street photography captured by Vivian Maier.

photo by Vivian Maier
I found a wonderful field filled with wild flowers thanks to all our rain.  

Can I say that I am fascinated with dandelions.  This field was loaded with the big giant kind.  Are they still called dandelions?

I am not sure I would classify the next photo shoot as a fun adventure...I just know it was definitely an adventure.  My friend, and fellow photographer, Stephanie DeFranco, asked me if I wanted to go out to shoot some stars.  I am always game.  Only when she came to pick me up, she did not have her brother with her.  This was important because when you shoot the stars, you go out into a remote, very dark place.  We need the male protection, because we are wimps, and we get scared easily.  We ended up at Bottomless Lakes.  It is very remote, and very dark.  We wanted to shoot the Milky Way, but we did not see it, nor any rattlesnakes (thank goodness)...just lots of stars, darkness, glowing eyes, and rustling in the bushes.  It was sort of scary.  I did not get the best shots, but some interesting ones I guess.

Across Lea Lake

Buildings around Lea Lake...the bright glow is from a light that is continuously on at this building.  I like the way the buildings, and stars are reflected in the water.

One of the sink holes (you can see where this sink hole is in the first is to the right, just where the is a slight rise in the landscape.  There are two sink holes in the first in the center, and this one to the right.)
That's it for now.  Be blessed.


Donna, Finland said...

I love your photos of flowers, the Lea lake is my favorite and the green door is really great!

Rob said...

Thank you!

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