Tuesday, April 21, 2015

On the road again...

"On the road again...
I just can't wait to get on the road again,
goin' places that I've never been
seein' things that I may never see again."
-Willie Nelson

I have a friend, Gennean, who is a hobby photographer like me, and likes to take off for places known, and unknown in search of great photos.  Our husbands like the fact that we have each other which means they do not have to go on these trips.   We both love the wide open landscape of New Mexico, and it is truly "the land of enchantment."  One of the places we visited was the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital Cemetery just outside of Ft. Stanton, NM.  (est. 1899)

Laid to rest are 1725 merchant mariners, armed forces veterans, their family, and staff.  There are even British veterans...apparently, they were sent here it hopes of recovering from tuberculosis.  I guess they did not make it, and were buried in the cemetery.  It was a beautiful, but sobering sight.

Notice the little dog statue in the middle of, and at the bottom the headstone.

I found these memorials to be of particular interest...

Love the cross, the flag, dog tag, and key

up close...

The love and care that the family has for this individual is so evident.

I was really drawn to this one because of the rocks in the heart shape, and the statue reminding us to be silent.

Someone put a knitted cap on the head of the statue.  So cute... I bet it was a child that did this.

textures: kk_pumpkin, kk_confidence, (softlight 100%), kk_framed (multiply 61%)

presets: kk_golden days, kk_prairies, kk_walnut
We found a group of riders (horseback riders) that were camping not far from the cemetery.  I liked their horses.

They obviously like each other...

We saw interesting buildings...
loved the signs...

and a marvelous rock... I love rocks.

outside of Lincoln, NM...one side...

another side...

and yet another side...
 And then, there was a roadside remembrance of a loved one...this one was obviously a child.   Gennean told me it is custom to leave a penny, or some object to show you have visited the memorial.  We left a quarter, since we had no penny.

And best of all...a chicken hawk who had captured a snake for its next meal.

photo edited by Gennean Hendricks

Our trip netted us a wonderful outing, and some great photos.  I'd say we "scored."

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