Monday, March 16, 2015

Maggie's Birthday...

"Cats are anthropomorphized in art because they are so laid back that you automatically attribute human thoughts, and feelings to them." -Jim Davis (writer of Garfield)

I thought this picture was hilarious, and had to share it...(not my photo...found on the web.)

Yesterday, March 15, was Maggie's third birthday.  What do you do to celebrate a cat's birthday?  Not much, especially when your cat is a picky eater.  Well, she does eat her cat food, but she doesn't like table scraps, cat treats, or milk.  She only likes her cat food, which is good since that is probably healthier for her.  Correction, she does eat bugs, string, tinsel, or any other small object of no taste that might ultimately lead to her death.  But normal things you would think a cat would devour, no such luck.

I couldn't let her special day go by without some recognition to her.  So I sang her "happy birthday" as she was sitting by the door waiting to be let out.  She looked at me like, "What is wrong with you lady?"  That was after taking birthday photos.

No cake... just a cake hat...

"Hmmm.  This does not smell like something to eat...although these flowers look like they might be fun to nibble on..."

"or maybe these candles...they look sort of yummy..."

Doesn't she look good in her hat?

I tried another kind of birthday hat...this one she liked much better.  It had tinsel to eat, something she loves to eat, when she should not...

She loves to go into tiny spaces...

"Maybe I can get my body in here..."

Next I showed her this lovely metal cake decoration...

A sniff here and there, but she was not impressed.

"Just let me go outside...that is the best kind of birthday present."
I let her go outside.  She was happy.  I put away all the birthday items.  Cats are just not impressed with birthdays.  Oh well...Happy Birthday anyway... I love this cat, even if she doesn't care it is her birthday.


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