Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th...

"Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security, will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." -Benjamin Franklin

Happy Birthday America!  July 4, 1776 our nation was born.  It is my favorite holiday.  We are breaking tradition of our backyard BBQ with friends and family, and spending it with my son, Mark, and his wife, Amber...and our grand dog, Oliver.  Last night we went to a Rockies game at Coors Field.  There is nothing I'd rather do than watch a baseball, or softball: it is in my blood.
Coors field
The Rockies were playing the Dodgers...we were for the Dodges as were most of the fans that were seated around us.  It was a close, fantastic game with the Dodgers pulling it out in the top of the 9th...winning 3-2.

Mark and Amber
Me and my man...heart throb for sure...

The gang...intently watching
After the game, there was a fireworks show.  I have to say, I have never experienced such an amazing display.  It was spectacular to see, pounding to hear, and you felt it in your chest...absolutely astounding.

I love the lyrics from "America the Beautiful."
"America, America
God shed His grace on thee
and crown thy good
with brotherhood
from see to shining sea."

Painted flag wooden palette in the front of our house

May our flag forever wave...
May we never take for granted all that was given, and the cost of our freedom.  Happy July 4th.  Be Blessed, and God Bless home sweet home.


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