Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Osteoporosis update...

I went for my annual physical earlier this month, and finally got all my lab results back.  Last year, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis.  I was depressed.  I did not want to go on any of the medicines because the side effects are not the greatest.  Warren did research, and said a low oxalate diet might help.  It was not a very fun diet, because it seems you cannot eat much of anything.  I did it for the year.  

Well, my bone density showed a 3% improvement.  Not a lot, but hey, it isn't worse.

I, also, have a high is usually around 230 or so.  My cholesterol was the normal range.  So the good news is that the diet is working.  The bad news is that it means I will have to stay on the diet.  Actually, I am kind of used to it by now, so I do not think it will be so bad.  It is better than taking the medicine.  And I do not have to have another bone density until 2 more years.  Yeah!


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