Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Girls trip to San Antonio...

"Girls just want to have fun." -from the movie, 1985

Maria wanted to know if I wanted to come along when she took her girls and their two friends for two fun-filled days in San Antonio at the Schillitterbahn, and Six-flags.  I said,"Yes."  I can count on one hand the times I have had actual girl trips.  It is a pretty rare thing for me.  Maria rented a van, so we could all ride in comfort.
The girls, minus Maria and me. 
She drove, and I was the navigator.  If you know me, you know I am a pitiful navigator, but we did make it there. Lucky for us!
Ms. Maria was a great driver and travel agent.  She planned things so well.
She said this was going to be a trip "on the cheap."  She reserved one room (for all six of us) at the Drury Inn & Suites.  The little girls were on an air mattress on the floor.  If you have not stayed at the Drury Inn, then you need to check it out.  The beds were comfortable, with lots of pillows.  They have a full buffet for breakfast, and hot meal for supper.  They, also, give you a voucher for 3 free drinks (alcoholic) at night.  I didn't use mine.  Maria took a cooler with food for sandwiches, and snacks for the road, and Schilitterbahn.  There was not a lot left by the time we got home.  In fact, in four days, the only money we spent on food was for ice cream cones.  I thought that was pretty remarkable.

We got there in 7 hours.  That, too, was pretty remarkable.  We only stopped for gas, and bathroom breaks.  The nice thing was we got there so early, we had time to walk down the River Walk and go shopping!  In fact, we went shopping every night.
Lots of great deals at Victoria's Secret.  We went there all three nights, and came home with merchandise every time.

One of the shops had these fun mirrors.  I wish I really was this skinny!
 You cannot go to San Antonio without going to see the Alamo! "Remember the Alamo!"
Loved this at night!

Now with me in front. 

Eden and Amber in front of one of the fun stores.
We were excited to hit the Schlitterbahn.  It has three water parks, but we only made two before we were exhausted.
Courtney enjoying lunch at Schilitterbahn.

Daughter and mother.  Too cute!


This was my favorite ride: the lazy river!
That night we ate, which pretty much revived us, so we went shopping again.  When we got home we checked out the hotel pool on the 23rd floor.  What wonderful cityscapes from up there!
San Antonio skyline.

Skyline on the other side.  I loved the two churches that are in the front.  Such beautiful lights.
 The two youngest girls swam, and the rest of us chilled out.
They all were looking at their cell phones.  I asked them to look up so I could get a better picture.

Reflected light. 
Me in front of the skyline.  
 The next day we hit Six Flags.  I did not ride these rides.  I just waited, and took pictures while I was waiting.  It was so hot that day!  This was their first ride.  I as very happy to wait for them.

This does not look like fun to me.

I told the girls they had to wave, so I could find them on the rides.  I never knew when they would be on the ride since some of the lines were long.  Here they are in the front of the picture, doing what they were told...waving.  This ride took you up to the top, then released the cars. They went super fast and around all these frightening loops.  I was glad to be on the ground, again.
There they are waving!

Look at those faces.
 Nice waterfalls, cute girls.

Same girls only with Maria this time.
Maria and I both sat out this ride.  It takes the people to the top, then drops them, and repeats this about 4 times.  I rather take pictures.  Unfortunately, the only girl visible was Courtney.  The other girls were on the other side where I could not get them in a photo.
This did not look like fun either, but the girls loved all these crazy, wild rides.  Kudos to them.

Courtney waits in anticipation.

Going up.
Most of them took naps on our way home to Roswell.  It was such a grand time!  Thanks for inviting me to come along.
Look at Eden's arm wrapped in the seat belt.  I have no clue why.  


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