Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Heart Faces...

Photo Challenge Submission
I love photo contests, and one of my favorite photography websites, I Heart Faces, has one this week with has some great prizes.  I decided to enter.  My dilemma was which one to submit. I finally chose this one because I love the connection.  Hopefully, the judges will love it, too!

Here's the link to see my photo:  My photo is #439, unless someone takes theirs off.


Kara said...

wow this is SUCH a beautiful image!! love the slight smile on mama's face - and the cute lil grin the baby has - LOVE it!!

Anonymous said...

THAT is just sheer cuteness overload!

melissa lazuka said...

I love a beautiful mama/baby photo and this is definitely one of them! That baby is so cute!

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