Saturday, January 5, 2013

Baby it's cold outside....Brrrrr

"I wish you shelter from the storm,
A cozy fire to keep you warm.
But most of all when snowflakes fall,
I wish you love.
But most of all when snowflakes fall,
I wish you love.

     -Natalie Cole, "I Wish You Love"

Thursday evening, January 3, we began to get snow, and boy, was it cold!  Friday morning we had enough to make a nice, white blanket over the landscape.  My favorite part of it was to see how the plants had spiky snowflakes around the stems and leaves.  What gorgeous highlights it made on the plants!
This used to have a beautiful rose on it.  Remnants of summer.  

God is certainly has a good eye for color!

If you look closely, yo can see the snowflakes falling off the tree...the little white dots to the right of the tree.
Rosy Red
This is Roswell's wonderful skyline...three buildings!

The Pecan orchard

Along the walking trail.


Carol said...

Great snow pictures, Rob. I like Roswell's snow because it snows and then it goes! Enjoy!!

Jordan said...

WHOA. These photos are amazing. I love the one of the tree with the deep blue background. Holy cow.

Deb said...

The pecan picture shows how they are all trimmed evenly. All are terrific!

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