Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earthquake, March 11

At 2:45 a.m., I heard my phone tone alerting me I had a text message.  I did not bother to get up to check it, thinking I could do so when I started my day in a few hours.  I got another text message at 6 a.m.  This was very unusual for me, and it bothered me that both came so early in the morning.  I decided I had better check things out.  My 6:00 message was from Jordan asking when Mark and Amber were coming home from their honeymoon.  I replied on March 12.  Then I noticed my message from 2:45--it was from Amber saying, "evacuating Kauai."  Hmmm.  Obviously something had happened and I did not know what.  Since I am electronically challenged and cannot turn on the TV in our bedroom, I asked Warren to turn it on for me.  There it was, an 8.9 earthquake in Japan.  It was the 5th strongest earthquake in history.  The evacuation Amber had texted me about was because of a possible tsunami expected to hit in their area.  I am sure Mark was thrilled to be evacuated from their nice hotel--not something you want to happen on your honeymoon.  They spent the night in their rented Jeep in the evacuation area.  Fortunately, the tsunami was very small and they were able to return to their hotel a short time later.  I am glad they did not choose Japan for their honeymoon.  The devastation is incredible.
The aftermath of the earthquake in Japan
On a cheerier note:  I have finally caught up on my 365 project--I take a picture a day and do a weekly page for the pictures.  I was behind because of our trip to California.  Rather than post all the weeks, I  will only do the one I just finished.  It is not altogether accurate, because some of the pictures were taken all in one day.  I figure, "hey, it is my project and I can do what I want."
Week 10 of my 365 project


Laurie said...

Rob, I love all the pictures!! I especially love number 5&6. So precious! And I, too, am thankful Mark & Amber are safe. Yes, it's a good thing they didn't choose to honeymoon in Japan! Yikes! We certainly need to keep the Japanese people in prayer. Such devastation over there!

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