Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Grandkids at the park...T

"There is nothing that makes us love someone so much as praying for them." -William Law

Grandkids...they are the best!  Hands down.  They bring such joy to our lives, and I hope we bring an equal amount of joy to their lives.  We have taken advantage of the warmer weather to take the grandkids to a couple of creeks that run through the parks around here.  They play for long periods of time in and around the water.

"A boy's story is the best that is ever told." -Charles Dickens

The pictures speak for is fun, fun, fun!

They took their cars to play with in the water, but they were so light they floated downstream a lot
Small waterfall=fun

He had just rescued the car in his hand...

At one of the parks a couple of big trees have split, and fallen.  It is truly a sad sight to see.  The boys were very interested in the fallen trees.  This one was hallow.  It fell right on top of a park bench and smashed it to pieces.

This one, the boys liked because they could climb up on it...

Here's what they looked like after being in the creek... pretty dirty, but happy!

He always finds sticks...his favorite thing...
Cleaned up... and looking pretty handsome.

Park adventures are the greatest...

God thinks so too!  Shining down His glory!

Be blessed!


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