Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tour D' Apple...

"Not the fruit of experience but experience itself, is the end."-Walter H. Pater

Every Labor Day, the city of Hendersonville puts on the Apple Festival.  It is estimated that 300,000 individuals visit this three day event.  Vendors of apples, arts & crafts, various food vendors, and carnival rides for kids line the street of downtown Hendersonville with their wares, rides, and games. It is truly a fun filled weekend.  There is an Apple Run on Saturday which even has a "mini moo" run of one mile for the kids.  On Monday there is the "Tour D' Apple" which Warren and Luke both ride in.  My photography club has the pleasure of doing the photos for both evens.  Warren and Luke were way out in front of everybody, just in case you were wondering how they did.  Luke did 25 miles, and Warren 45.

I barely made the race.  I had my shoot sack, coffee, badge, and I thought my camera when I discovered it was nowhere to be found in my stash of stuff.  (it must be the white hair that makes me forget important things).  I had to drive back home to get my camera.  I got there 5 minutes before the start.  Here I am getting out of my car... with everything...even my camera this time.
Photo by Mike Merrill

Do I look like an official photographer?
Photo by Dennis Guffey

Thank goodness they delayed the race by 10 minutes due to all the fog...
Photo by Dennis Guffey

 The delay made it possible to find Luke and Warren in the crowd to get some pre-race photos...  I have a reputation for not getting any of them when they are out on the ride... I did live up to my reputation.  I did not get any of them riding, but I saw them...too late to get any photos.
Luke before the race...

Warren before the race...that guy in front of him looks pretty mad.

The dynamic duo...

Luke again...

My fellow photographer, Dennis, was kind enough to get some photos of our family too.
Photo by Dennis Guffey 

Warren, me, and by Dennis Guffey

Don't we look good?  Photo by Dennis Guffey

Warren at the end of the by Dennis Guffey

Here's a photo of Dennis so you will know who did the photos...

...And all this activity was brought to you by... Apples.

I loved this lady's saying on her shirt...
Her shirt reads..."One day I won't be able to do this.  Today is not that day."
Amen to that.  


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