Sunday, July 24, 2016

A little catching up...Roswell visit...

"Birthdays are good for you.  Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest." -Rev. Larry Lorenzoni

Our family has a lot of birthdays to celebrate in the month of June...3 to be exact...all within days of one another.  First to have her birthday is my sister-in-law, Mara.  The next day is my birthday, and the day after mine is my grandson's birthday.  Whew, that is a lot of cakes.  Warren and I flew to Roswell to celebrate birthdays.  When we landed we learned the Obama's were on vacation to Carlsbad Caverns, and had landed at the Roswell airport, then were flown by helicopter to Carlsbad.  Here's some shots of Air Force One sitting on the tarmac at our little airport.

This was taken from our window seat as we were taxiing in to the terminal
I took this as I was walking to the terminal

On my birthday, I had to get some lab work done, and my friend, Karen,  picked me at the Dr's office, so we could go on a birthday breakfast celebration.  She made me wear this birthday hat.  Although I  felt a little silly, it was a lot of fun, and I had a lot of "Happy Birthday" greetings from strangers as well as friends.

Driving to breakfast...
I took off the hat for my I look a year older?

Of course, my grandson had his birthday as well...

One of the things I promised to do when I was back in Roswell was to do a photo shoot of my neighbor's dog.  Buddy, the dog, was a very cooperative and a most wonderful subject.  I think he is a very handsome, intelligent dog.  I thoroughly enjoyed taking his photo... Here's Buddy...

Mary and friends and companions...

Buddy was not my only photo shoot.  That night I went with my good friend, Gennean, to do some night photos.  We wanted to shoot a windmill with the Milky Way over it, but unfortunately the moon did not cooperate.  We need a new moon (totally dark) to get a good photo of the Milky Way.  The moon was full  during the time I was there.  A fully moon has too much  light, so the Milky Way cannot be seen.  We decided to do as the old cliche says..."when given lemons, make lemonade."  And that is just what we did.   We took sunset, and the moon rising photos.

We did not have a spectacular sky, but I sure liked the windmill.  See the nest built on the windmill?

Right after the sunset, the moon rose.

It was a gorgeous night... the temperature was not too hot, the mosquitoes were not out, no snakes were seen, and the photos were all right.  Most fun of all was time spent together.  We had the best time catching up, and doing what we like to do...take photos.  So it was a success!


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