Friday, August 29, 2014

Treasure trove...Friday finds...

"Faith goes up the stairs that love has built, and looks out the window which hope has opened." -Charles Spurgeon

 This past week has been anything but ordinary for me, because I have worked in my dear hubby's office while a new employee was getting trained.  As I was putting away patient chart's, I realized that these will soon be a thing of the past with the new electronic filing just around the corner.  That which will be no more, needs to be memorialized with a photo.  So I took one...with my iPhone.

Patient's charts...soon to be only a memory.

Could this soon be a picture of the past as well? keeps America running.  

I was so glad when I had the opportunity to get out my camera to take some photos.  It is therapy for me, and I definitely needed some therapy after working.  Oh the bliss, and joy when a camera is held in the hand...and up to the eye...and you hear the clicking of the shutter.  Ahhh.

I am taking a class from Kim Klassen called "Be Still 52."  Once a week, she shares thoughts, photos, encouragement, inspiration, and homework to help us sharpen our photographic skills, and bring some calm into our chaotic lives.  One of the assignments that had me stumped was to take photos that might tell a story, and maybe submit them to a magazine for publication.  I don't know about the magazine part, but I am up for story telling.  I was looking around my house to try to figure out something I could use that would tell an interesting story.  It is hard when I live a life that is pretty ordinary.  I remembered I had been given some silver flatware that had belonged to my grandmother.  So I went to the drawer where I kept it, and spied a small package labeled "iced teaspoons".  Hmmm. I hadn't remembered it.  I opened it, and was thrilled with my find.

Apparently, the spoons were given to my Uncle, and his wife as a wedding present from my Uncle's Dad, my grandfather...on my dad's side.  The note says:

"Pat and Bob...These spoons belonged to my grandmother and were passed down to my mother.  If I had had to look after them they would have been lost.  However my mother and your mother hung onto them.  May you live to eat strawberries stuffed with pineapple with them...Dad."

Now isn't that the most lovely note you have ever read?  I loved how he ended the note with such a wonderful thought...strawberries and pineapple.

If I figured out the note correctly, these spoons belonged to my great, great grandmother...which also means, they are very old.  I am so glad I have them.

any time I have things laid out for a photo shoot, my cat has to check things out.  

I love the detail work on the spoons.

Green in the spoons is the reflection of the trees over head.

lovely details.

Lovely engraving on the grandmother was Elizabeth, and Mary her daughter.  The green hue is a reflection of the trees overhead...I took these photos outside.

I used Kim Klassen's lightroom preset: kk_moody

kk_dark mood LR preset, by Kim Klassen

Now, let me introduce you to my grandfather, F. S. Norcross, Jr.  This is his college days picture...and he is in his football uniform.  Pitiful protection for sure.  He was a quarterback for the University of Michigan...if I remember right.

His nickname was Norky...

He looks kind of mean here...but he was not.  He was the nicest man around.  He was the one who taught me to throw a ball...not like a girl.  
The spoons reminded me of some pictures I had taken at my friend, Suzanne's, house...she has tons of fun antique things.  I thought it would be a good time to edit some of her spoons, and other treasures in her house.  Her house is full of fantastic things.  I could spend hours just looking.  It is such a delight!

Antique everything...spoons, plates, lace, yarn, and pots...

More old, harmonica, books, photos, and who know what the little bowl has in it.

A sweet bird nest...

Old tricycle tire...

lovely flowers, and I love the material underneath them.  So romantic looking.

A box of all sorts of goodies...

I basically spent the day taking pictures of found things...
My extra buttons...

There's even hidden treasure in the!
The best part of it all was being invited for tea at my friend, Marisha's.  Good company, good friends, good tea, and good's almost like being in heaven.

Marisha and me.    

My tea cup...

She is from Poland, and has the Polish pottery that is so beautiful all over her house.  Cause for more pictures.
I am linking up this post with Kim Klassen's Friday finds...go on over to take a peek at what others have found.

Happy Friday!


Sarah Huizenga said...

Lovely, lovely photographs Rob. I loved the one of the shallow DOF of the spoons on top of the letter. Perfect. Great heirlooms to keep and continue passing down.

Barbara said...

I love your treasures, I have the same silver protector for my silver that was passed down to me from my mother. I love the way it ties all the silver into nice bundles. Such treasures you have Rob.

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