Monday, May 2, 2011

Entirely too long

It has been entirely too long since I have posted anything online, so rather than writing, I am going to post pictures since a picture is worth a thousand words.

We all got together for fun and food at Ian's.

Luke calls Jordan 

Father and son at the table.  They did not want a picture taken.  I took it anyway.

Luke being silly.  His "YO" comment.

Luke going to hunt birds or squirrels.

The men are cooking tonight...Allen Brother Steaks.  Yum!
Luke came to Roswell the first week in April to visit his wonderful parents, but mostly to follow up on some of his clients.

I kept the grandkids while Laurie attended a homeschool conference.  Here are some things we did.

Decorated an Easter tree.  They decorated it all by themselves with a little instruction from me.

Erynn by the tree

Erynn with the dead squirrel

close up now
Notice the face


We made bread and ate most of it.  One loaf went home with them.

Reid and his Mimi

My Easter card

Sunset at Bitterlakes.  My photography class went as a group to do this assignment.
Warren and me Easter morning
Little Miss Erynn

She is 6 years old!
Annie looking regal

Such a handsome lad!


Jordan said...

I just love how Luke's face looks on the photo titled "Luke calls Jordan." (NOT!!) LOL, it looks like he's just really excited to talk to me in that photo :).

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