Friday, February 4, 2011

Our vacations

No wonder we seldom go on a vacation...something always happens to our best laid plans. It was more understandable when we had the kids, but they are all out of our "nest" and we are still having problems. Warren and I had great plans for a fun trip to the LA area,but those plans have changed because Warren is experiencing terrible back pain. He flew back to Roswell, had some minor surgery, and is due to arrive back in LA today...Yeah! I have not near the fun without him. What have I done? I have read a ton of photography blogs which I am enjoying immensely. I even signed up for a class for the month of February called "The Joy of Love". Yes, it is a photo class where we take a daily guided picture of someone or something we love. The assignment gets me out daily. I finished a book, I have lunch with Mark everyday since his office is just across the street and he comes home, I spent the day window shopping at a huge mall, I have walked, tried new desserts,and missed Warren horribly. Hopefully, after Warren gets here, we are off to Solvang for the weekend. I have a lot of pictures I cannot wait to process when we get back home.

I have enjoyed spending time with Mark and Amber. Their apartment is decorated so nicely. The bed in the spare room is great...that's what I care most about. Amber took me to a massage place. It was so amazingly relaxing. I love Whole Foods grocery store. If I lived here the massages and whole foods would be a regular for me.


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